Technology doesn't ensure great service, but a service commitment empowered by great technology... now that's a winning combination!  We continually seek out the best technologies available to equip your facilities and serve you well.

wireless technology

our vending machines and MICRO markets are REMOTELY monitored FOR INVENTORY LEVELS AND MAINTENANCE STATUS. we know what is needed before we leave the warehouse and we keep you stocked with your favorite products​. 

mobile pay

Our machines offer apple, android, and samsung pay. These features allow customers to pay with their smartphones.

credit card readers

having cash is no longer needed thanks to our innovative, SECURE credit card reading technology.  LOOKING TO PAY ANOTHER WAY?  WE CAN PROCESS Apple Pay, Google Wallet, as well as cash, debit, and credit cards.

LED Lighting

All of our vending machines are equipped with energy-efficient Led lighting.


Len Cahoon, Owner
Karolina Vending Food Services, LLC
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