Do you have a great space in but MAYBE it lacks great food options and welcoming personality, so it’s rarely used by your associates?Or maybe your breakroom needs a facelift, something more welcoming for your employees?

That’s where we come in to help.  Whether we upgrade your space into a micro-market, or customize the right solution that fits your needs, we can create a great environment and space for your team. From linear setups and L-shaped designs, to layouts spanning multiple walls – we stand out from the rest by using permanent, high-quality fixtures.

Karolina Vending & Food Services is revolutionizing the way people think about vending services in their and Beyond these places of business with the implementation of these cutting edge, self-service micro-markets. Expanding snack and beverage variety in their location is important to boosting employee morale and satisfaction, so they use Karolina Vending to provide and service a micro-market in their business. As a result, our “Karolina Corner” branded markets create a destination for your employees to visit to get the fuel they need to do their best job for you! When you implement our self-serve convenience store model, your break room is transformed with easy access and a variety of food and beverage options that your employees will love.


Our self-checkout systems: kiosk, tablet, mobile phone and our connect & pay app – which allows users to check out at multiple markets, vending machines, and other food service areas within a company’s campus. We offer the latest in energy efficient coolers, attractive display cases as well as the self-check out kiosk with a state-of-the-art security center that will ensure loss prevention. After installation, your place of business will become a one-stop food market supplied with tasty snacks, refreshing beverages, healthy fruits and savory sandwiches all conveniently located onsite.

Healthy options

Fresh food

cold beverages

snack options

why a self checkout kiosk?

With the latest in web-based technology, each micro-market can have a completely customizable inventory database where we can track sales, evaluate current products and even reorder supplies.  By replacing your traditional vending machines with the new wave of unmanned markets, we can eliminate the hassle of refunds, creating change, stuck products and potential equipment failure.


We will work with you to create a completely customizable micro-market that will bring quality and healthy food options.  Having a micro-market will help eliminate employee travel time and lengthy breaks.  Unmanned markets create an efficient and convenient work environment that will boost morale.


Len Cahoon, Owner
Karolina Vending Food Services, LLC
Spartanburg, SC  29301
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