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Welcome to Karolina Vending & Food Services LLC.  We are a family-owned and locally operated vending machine business who serves the Carolinas with a variety of vending services and takes pride in building one-on-one relationships with our customers.  Our goal is to provide a vending service that is committed to high standards and quality service. Our success over the years has been because we pride ourselves on personal service and allow direct one-on-one communication between you, our customer, and a network of our service personnel.We focus on providing high quality and secure vending services in Greenville, Spartanburg, Gaffney, and all surrounding areas in Upstate and Mid South Carolina and  North Carolina.

We source a variety of snacks, fresh foods, and beverages to fuel your workforce with both tasty and healthy options.  We offer a large variety of beverage choices from name-brand sodas to freshly brewed coffee and have over 100 selections of snack items for our snack machines.  With our advanced technologies, we provide micro markets which offer easy access to a full variety of food and beverages.


Len grew up on a small family dairy farm in Upstate NY.  He learned hard work and determination through rising early mornings and late nights taking care of the farm. Len joined the United States Navy in 1999 and served in Operation Enduring Freedom. After the Navy, Len moved to Spartanburg, SC where he met his wife, Krystal. 


Len realized the best way to provide for his family and still spend quality time with the family, was to run his own business. In 2013, Len started his own vending business by purchasing 5 snack machines. Len named the business after the great state of South Carolina but starting with a "K" from his wife Krystal's name.  Since launching the business, it has grown to service the entire region of Upstate South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.


Len Cahoon, Owner
Karolina Vending Food Services, LLC
Spartanburg, SC  29301
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